• A Retrospective. Part 1

    I’ve had a lot of things to say about the way both “the web” and native platforms are built. The web, as its name suggests, is an unstructured, fast-moving, often-breaking wild west. Native is a hyper-specialized, peformant, but often an archaic relic. Native is still super compelling for mobile right now, since the flashy UI and smooth user interaction is harder to build in a manner that matches native performance and smoothness. However you want to argue, you and I both know when we’re using a web app on mobile vs. a native app.

  • Ruby Methods

    I rediscovered a nice way to give Ruby methods a more first-class feel when wanting to pass them around them without having to worry about knowledge of where the methods are defined. Lots of languages have this concept. Take JavaScript for example:

  • The Great Sqlizer

    After a fun bit of traipsing all over the Rails codebase, I found a few things out about bot Postgresql, Rails’ schema format and Rails’ convention around primary keys that I thought would be good to document for future me.

  • Date, DateTime and Time, Oh My!

    TIL DateTime / does not respect app time zone settings. TheDateTime / Time.current appears to be the correct (and documented) means of accessing the application’s TZ-adjusted time.

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